72% of Favela Residents Will Have Standard of Living Lowered in Quarantine

New research shows that in this population, of 13.6 million, 32% will have difficulty buying food

Most residents in favelas have no savings, so one week quarantined at home with no income will further push them into a lower standard of living.

In this population, formed by 13.6 million people, 32% (or almost 1 in 3) will have difficulties in purchasing basic survival items, such as food.

The data is part of an unprecedented survey by Data Favela, which investigated the impact of the pandemic on the country's poor and precarious communities.

Favela in Rio - (Foto: Jorge Hely/FramePhoto/Folhapress) - 5416

In all, 1,142 people were interviewed this month in 262 favelas in all regions of the country. The margin of error is three percentage points, up or down.

The survey results show that this contingent, larger than the population of the city of São Paulo, will face the economic challenge survival, with less money or even without it. This is in addition to public health issues that are aggravated by small domestic environments and the lack of generalized basic sanitation.

According to the Data Favela survey, 7 out of 10 families claim their income has decreased since the pandemic's beginning. Preventive measures against the spread of the virus and that 79% have already started cutting spending due to the crisis caused by Covid - 19.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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