Brazilians Flock to Resorts for Holidays

Despite the uninviting rates, several resorts have sold out reservations for the end of the year

Flávia Pinho

At the 120 resorts in Brazil, the dominant mood is optimism regarding summer vacations.

According to Sergio Souza, president of the Resorts Brasil association, which has 53 members, the occupancy rate at the turn of the year should reach close to 80%—the same as in the pre-pandemic era.

For him, factors such as the rise in the dollar, the soaring price of tickets abroad and even insecurity in relation to the new variant of the coronavirus have inhibited international travel.

"With this, Brazilian destinations are more competitive. Since October, we have felt a gradual increase in reservations."

Even the rates, which are at least 20% higher than in 2019, have not frightened guests willing to spend a few days in large accommodation and leisure resorts. Many no longer have vacancies for the last few weeks of 2021.

Beach resorts, as usual, have been the most sought after for the high season, but there are options for those who prefer the quiet of the mountains or rural landscapes.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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