Pfizer's First Batch of Vaccines against Covid Arrives in Brazil with 1 Million Doses

By the end of September, the manufacturer must deliver 100 million doses of the vaccine

São Paulo

On the same day that Brazil reached 400 thousand Covid-19 deaths, The first doses of the vaccine against the disease produced by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer and German laboratory BioNtech arrived in Brazil on the same day that the country reached 400 thousand Covid-19 deaths.

This first batch has 1 million doses (enough to immunize 500 thousand people)—1% of the 100 million doses that manufacturers must deliver by the end of September—and will be distributed equally to the states.

CAMPINAS, SP, BRASIL, 29-04-2021: Pfizer's first batch of vaccines against Covid arrives in Brazil with 1 million doses (FOTO: Bruno Santos/ Folhapress) - Bruno Santos/Folhapress

Produced in the interior of Germany, the vaccines left Cologne and traveled overland to Belgium, where they were loaded on a plane bound for Miami, USA, before finally arriving at Viracopos International Airport, in Campinas (SP), this Thursday night (29).

Altogether, the load with the doses weighs about 900 kg. According to the Ministry of Health, they will be stored in 16 deep freezers, in which the temperature is around -85 ° C.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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