Social Inequality and Bolsonaro Aggravated Pandemic in Brazil, Studies Show

The Lancet and Science highlight federal mismanagement. Opposition to the president avoided an even worse picture

São Paulo

A study published by the scientific journal The Lancet states that the spread of infections and deaths by Covid-19 in Brazil was primarily affected by the combination of socioeconomic vulnerabilities in the country and the erratic response of the Jair Bolsonaro (no party) government to the crisis.

Another scientific work, from Science, reinforces Bolsonaro's responsibility for the poor management of the pandemic.

"In Brazil, the federal response has been a dangerous combination of inaction and irregularities, including the promotion of chloroquine as a treatment, despite the lack of evidence," said Science.

According to The Lancet, however, the state governments that opposed Bolsonaro's policies were instrumental in mitigating the effects of his negativism and incompetence.

According to the work, despite the "lack of general coordination in the Executive Branch," the most vulnerable states at the beginning of the pandemic managed, over time, to expand hospital capacity and, by confronting the Bolsonaro government, to reduce the mortality rate.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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