Brazil Completes Vaccination against Covid for Half the Population

Country hits the mark months after places like Chile, Uruguay, United Kingdom and United States

Brazil achieved, this Wednesday (20), more than 50% of the population with a complete vaccination schedule against Covid. In other words, half of Brazilians have taken both doses of the vaccine or the single dose immunizing agent. It was the 651,053 second doses recorded on Wednesday that pushed the country over 50%, at noon. 292,943 first doses, 2,801 single doses and 116,585 booster doses were also reported.

With the registered doses, there are now 152,325,559 Brazilians with the first dose. In all, 106,874,272 have also taken the second or single dose, equivalent to 50.1% of the population. At the end of the consortium, at 8 pm, the second doses totaled 1,218,573, in addition to 418,094 first, 6,556 single,and 368,774 booster applications. With that, the country reached 50.35% of the population fully immunized. It is worth noting, however, that immunization is only considered effective two weeks after the application of the second dose.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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