President of Anvisa Wants to Prevent Anti-Vaccine Tourism in Brazil

Antonio Barra Torres defends vaccination requirement for travelers

Matheus Vargas Raquel Lopes

The director-president of the National Health Surveillance Agency, Antonio Barra Torres, demanded that the government require vaccinations against Covid for entry into Brazil.

The measure, which President Jair Bolsonaro dislikes, prevents the country from becoming an attraction for anti-vaccine tourism, Barra told Folha.

"To avoid that in the winter period in the northern hemisphere, where people normally travel on vacation, and we also have the issue of the extremely valued dollar and the euro, we don't want anti-vaccine tourism here in Brazil."

Anvisa proposed to the government, on the 12th, the adoption of a vaccine passport for those who cross the Brazilian border by land or to dispense with a five-day quarantine after international flights.

Since December 2020, the government demands the presentation of the RT-PCR test with a negative result, but does not require quarantine, despite Anvisa suggesting this measure for months.

Anvisa's idea is to prevent the increase in cases of Covid registered in Europe from also occurring in Brazil.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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