Without Scientific Evidence, Marijuana Lubricants Promise Women Pleasure

They report increased sensitivity in the vagina area with the product

Vibrators for clitoral suction, dildos of different sizes, and discreet bullets.

In sex, many accessories aim to increase pleasure—even a cannabis-based lube.

Cannabis has been researched for medicinal use for a few years, such as for the treatment of epilepsy and even Covid.

Its use has been gaining ground is in sex, but it still lacks scientific evidence of efficacy and safety, nor with regulations for this purpose in Brazil.

In the country, marijuana is still banned for recreational use. Brazilian women, however, have some options. One of them is Xapa Xana, a plant-based lubricant that seeks to facilitate orgasm and can be purchased online.

Because of its importance for sex in women, cannabis-based lubricants are usually applied to the clitoris.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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