Lula's Government Studies Measures to Expand Social Protection Amid the Climate Crisis

Social Assistance Secretary states that the legal framework for dealing with calamities needs to be revised


The impact of climate change on families, especially the most vulnerable, has led the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) to open a discussion on how to reformulate protection and assistance mechanisms to provide a more appropriate response to extreme situations.

The debate is not only current but is considered urgent by the Executive. In a short period, regions near each other in Brazil experienced phenomena of completely different nature and impacts, such as severe floods and droughts.

In an interview with Folha, the National Secretary of Social Assistance, André Quintão, states that the current legislation for dealing with disasters is insufficient to cope with this new reality.

In addition to the lack of suitable tools to support families suffering losses, human or material, he believes that it is necessary to rethink the government's own logic of operation, moving from a reactive posture to a more preventive approach, with risk mapping.

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