In Brazil, on Average, 215 Civil Servants Take Leave Each Year to Care for their Mental Health

Work overload and little flexibility to change teams can aggravate suffering

Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

From 2013 to 2023, an average of 215 federal public servants took leave from work each year to care for their mental health.

Factors such as low flexibility to change teams and work overload, caused by the lack of new hires, can aggravate the psychological suffering of professionals, according to specialists.

Depression and anxiety are the mental conditions that most affected civil servants in the last decade, with 563 and 475 people respectively taking leave due to these illnesses.

Next comes mixed anxiety and depressive disorder, which led to the temporary departure of 388 professionals, and acute stress reaction, with 315.

The data comes from the Integrated Health Care Subsystem for Civil Servants (SIASS). Today, the federal executive branch has 572 thousand professionals.

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