Government Seeks To Legalize Homeschooling With Executive Order

Supreme Court ruled that practice was illegal for lack of proper regulation

Brasília and São Paulo

The Bolsonaro administration included in the list of goals for its first 100 days a provisional measure (a kind of executive order) to regulate homeschooling in Brazil.

The Brazilian Supreme Court outlawed the practice last year. In the ruling, most justices understood that since there were no regulations to homeschooling, it couldn't be considered a valid alternative for parents to educate their children.

The provisional measure will normalize the families who are already homeschooling their children. According to the Brazilian Association of Homeschoolers, there were around 7,500 parents with children taught at home, in 2018. 

A portion of those is made of people who disagree with local schools' offerings for religious reasons.

Specialists who disagree with homeschooling say that school attendance is a child's right, and highlight the school's role in socialization.

The homeschoolers association said on Wednesday (23rd) that it helped to draft the provisional measure's text with government officers. 

The association said that its representatives sought Minister of Education Ricardo Vélez Rodriguez to offer help with the bill. But later, the minister's aides said that the issue was more closely related to the department of human rights and family than formal education.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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