Police Operation to Capture Traffickers Kills 8 in Complexo da Maré, in Rio

Locals say police shot from helicopters

Rio de Janeiro

The Civil Police killed eight people during an operation this morning Monday (6) in the Maré Complex favela, in Rio de Janeiro’s north zone. According to CORE (Coordinator of Special Resources), eight traffickers reacted to the operation and were shot by the agents. 

Police say the operation’s objective was to capture fugitive trafficker Thomas Jayson Gomes Vieira, known as 3N, who was active in the Salgueiro Complex in São Gonçalo of Rio metropolitan region. 

A photo shows children in school uniforms running - Maré Vive

During the operation in the Conjunto Esperança in Maré, the agents apprehended 7 rifles, 3 pistols, munition carriers, 14 grenades and about R$35 thousand in cash and drugs, according to the press release published by the Rio Civil Police. 

The police said that in addition to eight deaths, three other suspects were taken to the police station, one of them being the wife of the trafficker. 

On social media, locals denounced the use of helicopters to shoot at the community. Police also used armored trucks. 

In some videos circulating on social media, it is possible to see the helicopters over the favela during the operation, at the same time gunshots were heard. 

According to information from the collective Vive Vive, a 15-year-old girl was shot and another child may also have been struck. The group also said health posts and schools closed. A photo shows children in school uniforms running.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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