Black Brazilian Woman Suffered Slave-Live Conditions for More than 38 Years in Family Home

Prosecutors say that domestic worker had no salary and could not leave the home; defense criticizes disclosure before legal process

A 46-year-old black woman was rescued from a home in Patos de Minas (MG) by the Public Ministry of Labor after receiving a complaint that said the victim lived in conditions similar to slavery. The case was revealed by Fantástico, from TV Globo, this Sunday (20).

According to the complaint, Madalena Gordiano performed domestic services at the residence, without receiving a salary and without the right to rest. According to this information, she was financially dependent on the family and could not leave the house.

Madalena Gordiano.Foto:reprodução/tv globo - reprodução/tv globo

During the inspection after which the victim was rescued, the MPT-MG found "a situation of serious violations of human rights," according to the agency's statement.

The family's lawyer said that disclosing the case before the legal process violates residents' rights and security. To the MPT, the owner of the house stated that Madalena was part of the family.

Tax auditor Humberto Camasmie, who followed the case, told Fantástico that Madalena lived in a small room, less than six square meters, stuffy, without ventilation and a window.

"She had no record, guaranteed minimum wage, vacation, paid weekly rest," he said.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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