Senate Downplays Bolsonaro Request against Supreme Court Justices and Tries to Avoid Bolsonaro's 'Circus'

President of the Republic promises to file a request for lawsuits against Moraes and Barroso, the last also president of the TSE


Senate and congressional leaders think Bolsonaro's request to open proceedings against ministers of the STF (Supreme Court) has minimal chances of prospering and is more a form of rhetorical attack against the institutions.

On the other hand, these same senators seek to act behind the scenes to avoid the embarrassment of seeing Bolsonaro create a "circus" in Congress. So the leaders chose a busy day of plenary session to personally deliver the request into the hands of Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM -MG).

BRASILIA, DF, BRASIL, 27-07-2021, 12h00: President Jair Bolsonaro (Foto: Pedro Ladeira/Folhapress, PODER) - Folhapress

Pacheco's political allies say the Senate president would not refuse to take Bolsonaro's request personally. It would not be his style to create a malaise.

But they point out that he will seek to convey the message to the head of the Executive that the senator from Minas prefers not to get involved in the controversy and to give only technical treatment to the request.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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