Bolsonaro Government Paid US$ 14 million to Companies Linked to Aircraft Suspected of Mining in Indigenous Land

Helicopters and pilots targeted for operation are part of firms that receive public money to transport health teams; Companies and agencies deny irregularities


Brazil's federal government paid R$ 124 million [$ 23 million] to companies that use helicopters suspected of guaranteeing logistics in illegal mines on indigenous land in the Amazon. Of this amount, the government paid R$ 75 million [$ 14 million] (60.5%) in the two years and nine months of the Jair Bolsonaro government.

An operation by ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency), with the participation of the Federal Police, support from IBAMA, and coordination of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, seized or interdicted 66 aircraft suspected of mining operations on Yanomami land in Roraima.

Folha obtained the documents of the apprehension of nine helicopters made on August 26th. The details of these seizures and the cross-referencing made by the report with data from aircraft registrations and payments made by the federal government show an alleged double game by people associated with air transport companies.

Aircraft and pilots suspected of supplying gold mines are linked to companies that receive public money to transport health and indigenous teams, including the Yanomami from Roraima.

Payments have taken place since 2014, intensifying in 2016 and during Bolsonaro's management. Indigenous health concentrates almost all payments.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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