Federal Court Rules that Car Wash Prosecutors Must Return per Diems and Travel Costs

Amount to be reimbursed by attorneys exceeds R$1.8 million

São Paulo

The Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) determined that prosecutors who worked in Operation Car Wash must return the per diem and travel resources they received while working on the task force that investigated deviations at Petrobras.

Justice Bruno Dantas, rapporteur of the special accounting, concluded that there was damage to the treasury and violation of the principle of impersonality, with the adoption of a "beneficial and profitable" model for the members of the task force.

The court reached this conclusion due to the model adopted by the task force, in which prosecutors did not move to Curitiba, and therefore received per diems every time they traveled to the capital of Paraná.

Accepting the arguments, Justice Bruno Dantas stated that the task force's operating model, with the constant displacement of attorneys to Curitiba, "did not represent the lowest possible cost for Brazilian society. The large sums were allowed for daily per diems, without even the slightest analysis of more interesting alternatives from the perspective of the State."

Five attorneys must return the money: Antonio Carlos Welter, Carlos Fernando dos Santos Lima, Diogo Castor de Mattos, Januário Paludo and Orlando Martello Junior.

Deltan Dallagnol, who coordinated the Curitiba task force, will be summoned to jointly return resources to public coffers for having supposedly created the working model of the operation's attorney group.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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