Bolsonaro Makes New Threat to The Judiciary about Elections and Says Good Will Win

President's official trip to Rio Grande do Norte has 'rally', prayer, motorcycle and horseback riding

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) once again threatened the Judiciary about the result of the 2022 elections, this time in a speech this Wednesday (30) in Rio Grande do Norte. He said that the votes in the elections will be counted, without explaining how, since the printed vote was overturned by Congress amid coup speeches by the President of the Republic.

This Wednesday, Bolsonaro indirectly criticized the Superior Electoral Court Justices. "The armed people will never be enslaved. And you can be sure that, on the occasion of the 2022 elections, the votes will be counted in Brazil. It will not be two or three that will decide how these votes will be counted," he said, referring to Luís Roberto Barroso, former president of the TSE; Edson Fachin, the current one; and Alexandre de Moraes, who will be president in the elections. "We defend democracy, freedom and we will do everything even with the sacrifice of our lives so that these rights are relevant and fulfilled by our country," said Bolsonaro, who appears in second place in the polls, well behind the former president. Lula (PT).

The president's speech took place during a speech at an event in the city of Parnamirim, in the metropolitan region of Natal. The president's trip to Rio Grande do Norte had a 'rally', prayer, motorbike and horseback riding.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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