Act for Democracy Unites Society with Harsh Speeches against Bolsonaro's Coup Mentality

Protest endorses historical weight of text supported by more than 1 million people and mobilization of different sectors

The widest demonstration in support of democracy under the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) reached its peak this Thursday morning (11) with an act at the USP ( University of São Paulo) Law School where the letter, which was first conceived at the institution and signed by more than 1 million people, was read to great applause and speeches against authoritarianism.

The text, which does not directly mention Bolsonaro, but preaches the maintenance of the democratic rule of law and respect for elections in the face of the president's coup-oriented threats to contest the result and question the safety of electronic ballot boxes, was preceded by the reading of another manifesto, endorsed by more of one hundred institutions.

São Paulo/SP, BRASIL. 10.08.2022.SÃO PAULO,SP - 11/8/2022 - The act at the USP ( University of São Paulo) Law School (Foto: Zanone Fraissat/Folhapress, PODER)

The movement, less than two months away from the first round of the elections, is considered a symbolic milestone in the reaction of civil society to the escalation of the threat to institutions promoted by Bolsonaro, which encourages supporters to take to the streets on September 7, the date of the Bicentennial of Brazilian Independence.

Segments that were inert in the face of intimidation, especially in the business and financial environment, have decided to join the mobilizations. Bankers, jurists, academics, artists, trade unionists, and activists also took part in the discourse of uniting divergent people groups for the sake of a greater ideal.

Speakers on Thursday repudiated, in a tone of astonishment and indignation, the need for society, to have to fight for democracy and respect for the Constitution in the year 2022.

Translated by Cassy Dias