Bolsonaro Cuts Budget to Fight Violence against Women by 90%

Resources fell from $ 19 million to $ 1.7 million

President Jair Bolsonaro has cut the budget for fighting violence against women by 90%. The resources fell from R$ 100.7 million ($ 19 million) in 2020 to R$ 30.6 million ($ 5.6 million) in 2021. This year, they amount to only R$ 9.1 million ($ 1.7 million).

For 2023, the government sent a budget proposal of R$ 17.2 million to the Congress, a drop of 83% compared to 2020. R$ 3 million is the amount forecasted for Ligue 180, a domestic violence helpline.

The number of femicides reached 2,451 in the country during the coronavirus pandemic. Candidate for reelection, Bolsonaro tries to reduce the high rejection among the female electorate.

The Planalto did not comment on the cuts. The Ministry of Women, Family, and Human Rights has justified the reduction of funds on the grounds that it adopts policies that include several other areas.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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