Bolsonarists Freak Out over Video of President in Freemasonry

On Telegram, the video has generated a chain of disappointment and a countercurrent of justifications in defense of Bolsonaro

"Good morning friends, I have seen the news that our president is a Freemason, and I am very disappointed." This is one of the comments that exemplifies part of the disappointment of some Bolsonarists in Telegram groups this Tuesday (4) when a video of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) speaking to Freemasons returned to circulate on the internet. "Is Bolsonaro a Freemason?", "Freemasonry created communism", "I can't believe I have campaigned for four years for a Freemason", "I wouldn't even go close to a Freemason's profile. Satanist garbage!" and "Guys, the video is true, there's no point denying it. The question now is, why is our president participating in Masonic ceremonies?" are samples of the comments expressing frustration in pro-government message groups.

Videos from a YouTube channel titled "Masonry Enemy of the Church" were also disseminated inside the groups, accompanied by comments associating it with communism.

Jair Bolsonaro, homem branco, segura microfone ao discursar. Ele está em pé, ao lado de um homem sentado, que está à esquerda dele na foto. Ele está em uma espécie de púlpito branco e, ao fundo, dois triângulos, um com um olho ao centro e outro com o que parece ser um sol em cores quentes
Bolsonarists go into a tailspin with president’s Freemasonry video - Reprodução/ Twitter

Faced with the wave of doubts and disappointment, activists soon began to spread messages trying to contain the damage by explaining that Bolsonaro was campaigning at the time. The video is from 2017 and Bolsonaro, on top of an altar, says he travels around Brazil to understand "the big problems we have to face". In addition to the video, the digital offensive against Bolsonaro began to spread fake news with montages of the president associating him with the devil.

"Bolsonaro's hidden plan has been discovered by the church, at the behest of Freemasonry, Bolsonaro wants to implant the beast chip in the population's believers, in alliance with George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and the Illuminati," reads a message.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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