Bolsonarist Federal Deputy Points A Gun at People in São Paulo

Carla Zambelli's gesture generated a commotion at the intersection of two main streets in the central area of the capital

Bolsonarist federal deputy Carla Zambelli (PL-SP) pulled out a gun and pointed it at people this Saturday (29), in São Paulo.

The parliamentarian's attitude caused a commotion at the intersection of Joaquim Eugênio de Lima and Lorena avenues, in the central area of the capital. On her social media channels, she said she had been assaulted. A video shows a young man running towards a cafe while Zambelli and some men appear in pursuit. One of them yells "on the floor, scumbag".

The deputy enters the cafe pointing the gun at the boy. The man asks "you want to kill me for what?".

Zambelli says she shot into the air and chased a man after being harassed and assaulted. The deputy claims to have the license for possession of a federal weapon for personal and property defense. She says she was having lunch with her 14-year-old son when a group of people recognized her.

According to her, a man, quite agitated, insulted her with profanity and called her a prostitute. In addition, according to the report, she would have also been spat on and also fell to the ground after being pushed.

A video shows the man arguing with Zambelli on the sidewalk. The deputy falls to the ground, gets up, and runs after him along with another armed man. A shot is heard. She claims she wanted the man to stop so the police could be called.

Journalist Luan Araújo, 32, at whom Zambelli pointed the gun, says he did not push the Bolsonarist deputy, as she claims. "I got really scared and started running away because I started to fear — not getting arrested, because they're not cops, but for my life," he says.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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