Lula and Social Movements Must Have a Delicate Relationship Post Campaign

The segment discusses the adjustment between pressing for advances and defending management after their role in the election

São Paulo

The impulse of social movements for Lula's election points to a delicate relationship between the new president and the segment, which calibrates its actions in order to face the contradiction of having to pick fights with a government that will come to power with its support.

Leaders of some of the main organizations maintain the discourse that eventual demands can coexist with the defense of the government, but Lula's previous passage through Planalto (2003-2010) has shown the risk of cracks.In the current victory, Lula has always praised the groups and promised them space.

MST (The landless workers' movement), MTST ( The homeless workers' movement ), CUT (Workers Unique Central Office), and UNE (National Student Union) are movements that claim a voice in the transition of government and expect their demands to be met, while simultaneously talking about maintaining mobilizations.

The common discourse is that, even with the economic and political difficulties that Lula will face, the chance of making progress on the agenda is greater with the Workers' party than with President Jair Bolsonaro.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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