Salvador Has A Day of Shootings and House Invasions with Hostages

The city experienced an atmosphere of terror amid clashes between police and criminals


The city of Salvador recorded this Monday morning (4) a series of shootings in central areas of the city and families held hostage by criminals in the midst of a police chase.

Police operation at the entrance of Alto das Pombas, in Salvador. - Reprodução

The epicenter of the conflict was the Alto das Pombas and Calabar neighborhoods, communities nestled in the middle of a central region of the city, close to wealthy neighborhoods such as Barra, Ondina, and Graça.

The region is disputed by the criminal organizations Comando Vermelho and Bonde do Maluco, who clashed violently in the early hours of the morning.

A shooting was recorded in the morning near the Campo Santo cemetery, one of the largest in the city, which is located at one of the entrances to Alto das Pombas.

In the middle of a confrontation with the police in the vicinity of Campo Santo, criminals invaded two houses and took seven people hostage.

Teams from the Special Police Operations Battalion negotiated with the kidnappers. Three men surrendered and were arrested.

The state secretary for Public Security, Marcelo Werner, stated that the police will not give up confronting criminal groups.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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