At Least 35 Buses and a Train Set Ablaze Following the Death of RJ's Biggest Militia Leader

A man known as Faustão was killed in an operation by the Civil Police; roads and stations were closed

Rio de Janeiro

At least 35 buses and a train were set on fire in Rio de Janeiro this Monday (23). The attacks on the vehicles were a response to the death of Matheus da Silva Rezende, also known as Faustão, one of the leaders of the state's largest militia. The situation left traffic chaotic in the western part of the city, affecting eight neighborhoods — several roads were closed. As a result, stations were crowded with people trying to return home. Long queues formed at bus stops as well.

RIO DE JANEIRO , RJ , 23.10.2023 , BRASIL , Violent outburst in Rio de Janeiro: death of militia leader sparks arson attacks on buses and train, causing citywide chaos Credito Reproduçao Globo News - Reproduçao Globo News

According to Rio Ônibus (the union of companies in the sector), this is the day with the most buses set on fire in the city's history. Out of the 35 destroyed buses, 30 were municipal and five were BRTs (articulated vehicles used in express corridors).

At 6:40 PM, the city entered a state of alert, the third level on a scale of five. At that time, there were 58 km of traffic jams in the city, twice the average of the last three Mondays, according to the city hall. Ride-sharing apps even reported an increase of up to four times the normal cost of a trip. Twelve people were arrested on suspicion of setting fire to the buses and were sent to federal prisons."

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