Horse Rescued from Roof in Rio Grande do Sul after Mobilization

Image of Caramelo balancing on the structure amid the flood caused commotion

São Paulo

A horse was rescued Thursday morning (9) after spending more than a day stranded on a roof in Canoas (RS).

The image of the animal balancing on the structure amid the flood caused commotion and prompted mobilization of authorities, artists, and influencers for the rescue, broadcast live by TVs in Brazil.

Égua é resgatada de enchente em Canoas (RS)
Horse rescued from flood in Canoas (RS). - Reprodução/X

Rescue teams arrived in boats and fire department boats to rescue the horse, nicknamed Caramelo on social media.

Initially, it was believed the animal was male, then it was said to be female, and finally, veterinarians affirmed that Caramelo is indeed male.

CANOAS,RS - 09/5/2024 - Stranded horse in Canoas rescued by the Army. ( Foto: Reprodução / Tv Globo ) - Reprodução

The case gained traction after the scene of the stranded horse was captured by a TV network helicopter.

Live images showed the moment when a group of rescuers climbed onto the roof with equipment to tie up the horse, sedated the animal, and placed it in the boat.

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