Datafolha: Disapproval of Brazil's Supreme Federal Court Rises to 38%

Supreme Court faces image erosion in a year of controversies and friction with Congress and bolsonarists

The year of controversies and friction with Congress seems to have taken a toll on the image of the STF (Supreme Federal Court). Disapproval of the work of the judges of the highest court in the country has risen from 31% to 38%, while approval has dropped from 31% to 27%.

According to a new Datafolha survey, 31% consider the court's performance regular, compared to 34% in the previous round in December of last year.

The institute surveyed 2,004 voters in 135 cities in Brazil last Tuesday (5). The margin of error is two percentage points plus or minus.

Datafolha began questioning respondents about the court in December 2019 when the government of then-President Jair Bolsonaro (now in the PL) began to criticize the judges.

The highest approval for the Supreme Court is closely linked to satisfaction with the government of Lula (PT). Among the 38% who find Lula excellent or good, 52% say they approve of the court's work.

On the other hand, the bad/terrible rating is stronger among segments associated with the Bolsonaro vote: lower-middle class (2 to 5 minimum monthly wages), with 46%, evangelicals, with 44%, and those 24% who disapprove of Lula, with a whopping 76%.

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