Datafolha: Polarization between PT Supporters and Bolsonaro Supporters Remains Unchanged Since Post-Election

They claim to be PT supporters 30%, compared to 25% of Bolsonaro supporters, the same rates as last December

São Paulo

The political climate in Brazil may have eased in relations between powers throughout this year, but the polarization that marks society remains exactly where it was. According to Datafolha, the percentage of those who identify as staunch PT supporters is 30%, while Bolsonaro supporters of the same persuasion are 25%.

BRASILIA, DF, BRASIL, 13-10-2022 - Steady Polarization: PT and Bolsonaro Supporters. FOTO Gabriela Biló /Folhapress, POLITICA) - Folhapress

In December 2022, when the measurement was first proposed, the institute found 32% of PT supporters, a number similar to the current one due to the margin of error of two percentage points, and the same 25% of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) supporters. During 2023, Datafolha repeated the survey on three other occasions before the current one, conducted with 2,004 people on the 5th of this month. In all instances, the fluctuation in the scenario was minimal, within the margin of error. And not only at the extremes.

The questionnaire aims to determine how the Brazilian voter defines themselves on a scale from 1 (Bolsonaro supporters) to 5 (PT supporters). In the intermediate levels, everything remains the same: 10% say they are more sympathetic to PT than President Lula, compared to 9% a year ago. Those who see themselves closer to the former president remain at the same 7%.

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