Brazil Has Its First Escape at a Federal Maximum-Security Prison

Two prisoners escaped in Mossoró (RN); Federal Police is called by the Ministry of Justice to investigate responsibilities for the occurrence


Two prisoners escaped from a federal maximum-security prison in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte, 277 kilometers from Natal. The escape was discovered by agents on Wednesday morning (14). These were the first escapes in national maximum-security prisons since the system was inaugurated in 2006. The fugitives were identified as Rogério da Silva Mendonça, 36, known as "Martelo," and Deibson Cabral Nascimento, 34, called "Deisinho." As of the publication of this text, there was no confirmation of when the two prisoners escaped.

Penitenciária de segurança máxima em Mossoró (RN)
Federal maximum-security prison in Mossoró Mossoró (RN) - Divulgação/MJSP

Folha learned that the Federal Police were called by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security to investigate the responsibilities for the occurrence. The ministry confirmed that the Federal Highway Police also operates on federal highways in the search for the two men. The Minister of Justice and Public Security, Ricardo Lewandowski, is in São Paulo, from where he monitors the actions to find the fugitives. Altogether, there are five federal maximum-security prisons, located in Catanduvas (PR), Campo Grande (MS), Mossoró (RN), Porto Velho (RO), and Brasília (DF). The prison in Mossoró was inaugurated in 2009 and has a capacity for up to 208 prisoners.

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