Difficulties in Finding Fugitives from Mossoró Include Caves, Snakes, and Rains

Searches reached the sixth day on Monday

Mossoró (RN)

Police officers searching for the two inmates who escaped from the maximum-security federal penitentiary in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte, have faced challenges such as searching in caves and forests, presence of venomous animals, and frequent rains.

Policiais em barreita na estrada, à noite
17.fev.2024 - Police at a checkpoint during the search for fugitives from the federal penitentiary in Mossoró (RN). - Raquel Lopes/Folhapress

According to agents working in the operational area, the searches continue within a 15 km radius, with the integrated efforts of all federal and state security forces. There are barriers at more distant points on the highways leading to the borders.

The police state that they are using surveillance, intelligence, and equipment. Helicopters are also flying over the region.

It is assessed that the team is well aligned, unlike what happened in the first two days—the searches reached the sixth.

The rural area of Mossoró has no cell phone signal, and not all radios were on the same frequency, as they belong to different forces.

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