Senate Approves Bill Ending Prisoner Outings in Brazil

Text now returns to the Chamber of Deputies; Lula will still evaluate whether to veto the project

The Senate approved on Tuesday (20) the bill that ends temporary releases of prisoners on celebratory dates — the so-called "outings." The approval came with 62 votes in favor and 2 against. The text will now return to the Chamber to be voted on by the deputies.

Presídio federal de Mossoró
Federal Prison of Mossoró - Raquel Lopes

Interlocutors of President Lula (PT) state that he will await the position of the ministries on the issue before deciding whether to overturn the proposal, if it is approved by the Chamber and sent for Executive sanction. One possibility is partial veto, allies say.

The proposal was reported by Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ) and embraced by the conservative wing of the House, under the discourse of toughening criminal penalties.

The bill also provides for the criminological examination —which encompasses psychological and psychiatric issues— as a requirement for regime progression.

Entities state that the exam has no scientifically proven efficacy, ceased to be required in the country as early as 2003, and takes an average of four months to be prepared, which could further inflate the Brazilian prison system.

The bill ending temporary releases was approved by the deputies in 2022, with 311 votes in favor and 98 against.

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