In Rio, They Kill a Marielle every Day, Says Former Chief of Civil Police

Former PT deputy questions lack of evidence against police chief suspected of involvement in the crime and states that militias emerged as part of the State

Porto Alegre

"The police are corrupt. It is an institution that was created to be violent and corrupt." The statement made in the documentary 'Notícias de uma Guerra Particular' (1999) came from the then chief of Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, Delegate Hélio Luz, now 78 years old. Almost 30 years later and after a term as a state deputy for PT (1999-2002), Luz now lives in Porto Alegre but maintains a Carioca accent, contacts with police colleagues in Rio, and the same vision. It is from them that he evaluates the investigation into the murders of councilwoman Marielle Franco (PSOL) and driver Anderson Gomes.

BRASÍLIA, DF, BRASIL 10-04-2024: Session of the CCJ (Committee on Constitution and Justice) of the Chamber of Deputies aimed at voting on the validity of the arrest of Deputy Chiquinho Brazão. (Foto: Pedro Ladeira/folhapress, PODER) - Folhapress

On the last 24th, the Federal Police arrested three suspects of being the masterminds behind the crime, after a plea deal with Ronnie Lessa, identified as the executor—the TCE (State Court of Auditors) counselor, Domingos Brazão, his brother, federal deputy Chiquinho Brazão (independent), and the police chief Rivaldo Barbosa, newly appointed chief of Civil Police at the time of the crime.

Their defenses deny their clients' involvement in the case. In the interview with Folha, Luz also mentions Lessa's connection with Rogério Andrade, identified as one of the leaders of the animal game in the state. His defense has denied the accusations. Luz says that the nickname "Left Sheriff," which he received during his time in the police and became the title of a book, makes him uncomfortable. "I am a citizen who was a delegate."

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