Supreme Federal Court in Brazil Allows Use of Religious Attire in Official Document Photos

Action that reached the Supreme Court involves nuns who wanted to renew their driver's licenses wearing habits


The Supreme Federal Court in Brazil authorized on Wednesday (17) the use of attire or accessories related to religion in photos for official documents, provided that these garments do not prevent individual identification.

The other justices followed the vote of the rapporteur of the action, Luís Roberto Barroso, who is also the president of the court. For him, prohibiting the use of these garments "is an exaggerated and, consequently, unnecessary measure."

Barroso said that vetoing this possibility "compromises religious freedom, without this compromise having a very relevant impact on public safety."

Security was the argument for the use of these clothes being prevented by Brazilian authorities. "Although there may be exceptions, religious individuals are not part of a particularly dangerous group in society," said Barroso.

The case has general repercussions, and its decision will impact similar cases on the subject in the country.

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