The National Justice Council in Brazil Removes Judge who Convicted Lula, along with Three Other Judges, from Operation Car Wash

They allegedly disobeyed Supreme Court decisions, promoted 'cash back' with public funds of over $ 1 billion, and violated the judiciary's code of ethics

São Paulo

The National Justice Ombudsman, Luis Felipe Salomão, removed Judge Gabriela Hardt from her position in the Paraná Justice Department.

Sergio Moro is mentioned in the decision, but as he no longer belongs to the judiciary, he is not affected by the decision.

A juíza federal Gabriela Hardt, que atuou na Operação Lava Jato, durante palestra em Curitiba, nesta quarta (13)
Judge Gabriela Hardt - Estelita Hass Carazzai/Folhapress

In addition to the judge, who in 2019 sentenced Lula to 12 years and 11 months in prison for passive corruption and money laundering, the National Justice Council (CNJ) ombudsman also removed three federal judges who served on the 4th Regional Federal Court (TRF-4). The Court, during the Operation Car Wash, confirmed all the convictions of the former president.

They are judges Thompson Flores, Loraci Flores de Lima, and Danilo Pereira Júnior, who acted as substitutes at TRF-4 and was currently the titular judge of the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba. The three are accused of disobeying Supreme Court decisions.

The judge's decisions will be analyzed by the other CNJ counselors, in a trial scheduled for Tuesday (16).

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