Woman in Rio Bank Elderly Death Case Says Money for TV, Renovation

In her testimony, Érika Nunes stated that the man was discharged from the hospital the day before

Rio de Janeiro

Suspected of taking a deceased relative to withdraw a loan from a bank, Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes, 43, told the police that the elderly man — Paulo Roberto Braga, 68 — wanted the money to buy a television and renovate his house.

Woman in Rio bank case says money was for TV and renovation - Reprodução

She was arrested on Tuesday (16) on suspicion of taking the deceased elderly man to withdraw R$ 17,000.

Folha had access to Érika's testimony to investigators. In it, she stated that about a week ago her uncle fell ill and was taken to the UPA (Emergency Care Unit) in Bangu, where he was hospitalized for five days with pneumonia.

The Health Foundation, which manages the UPA, confirmed this version.

In her testimony, Érika also said that Paulo "expressed a desire to withdraw the money because he wanted to buy a television and carry out a renovation in his residence."

She also said that "her uncle was conscious before leaving home and inside the agency, although weakened," and that at the moment of "receiving care she noticed that he stopped responding."

Her lawyer, Ana Carla Corrêa, asserts that she trusts the innocence of her client and that Paulo arrived alive at the bank.

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