Woman Takes Corpse in Wheelchair to Bank to Withdraw Loan in Rio

Employees became suspicious of the attempt to have the deceased sign a document and called the police

São Paulo

Employees of a bank branch called the police after witnessing a woman use a corpse, purportedly that of her uncle, to withdraw a loan of R$ 17,000 ($ 3,200).

The incident took place in Bangu, in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro, on Tuesday afternoon (16). Itaú Unibanco confirmed that the incident occurred in one of its branches.

According to images published by Jornal Nacional, from TV Globo, she tried to make the deceased man sign the document.

"Uncle, can you hear me? If you don't sign, it won't work," said the woman, identified as Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes. According to the detective, the man, Paulo Roberto Braga, 68, had already entered the bank dead. Bank employees were suspicious of the situation and called the police.

The Civil Police of Rio is investigating how and when the man died, and if the woman, who claims to be his niece, committed theft by fraud or fraud. They are also investigating the circumstances of the loan to determine if it was taken out while he was still alive.

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