Bolsonaro Cuts City Funds and Creates Direct Vouchers for Private Day Care Centers

Measures are in the proposal that creates the Auxílio Brasil, a social program defended by the government to substitute for Bolsa Família

The proposal for the government's new social program, Auxílio Brasil, sent by President Jair Bolsonaro (no party), withdraws resources destined to cities for the education of needy children.

The same proposal establishes the payment of vouchers directly to private day care centers. The government overturned one of the pillars of Brasil Carinhoso, a social program created in 2012 to guarantee children's access and permanence in early childhood education. The objective was to complement the income transfer policy for poor and extremely poor families, the Bolsa Família.

The revoked section required the Union to transfer additional financial aid to the municipalities for places in day care centers and educational development for children from zero to two years old who are from families benefiting from social programs. On the other hand, in the same proposal, which creates Auxílio Brasil, Bolsonaro wants public money to be transferred directly to day care centers accredited by the government, which may even be from the private sector.

Bolsonaro created Auxílio Brasil with an eye on the 2022 election. In addition to increasing spending in the social area, the objective is to replace Bolsa Família, a program associated with the PT administration.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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