Brazil's Congress Votes on "Mini" Labor Reform that Creates New Forms of Hiring and Changes the Rules of the Consolidation of Labor Laws

Project creates new labor programs


Congress voted on a mini-labor reform that creates new forms of hiring and changes the rules of the Consolidation of Labor Laws.

The base text was approved on Tuesday (10) by 304 votes in favor and 133 against. Congresspersons analyzed suggestions for changes in the proposal, which now goes to the Senate. If not voted on by September 7th, it expires.

BRASILIA , DF , 07.07.2021 , BRASIL ,Minister Paulo Guedes. Foto: Edu Andrade / ME

Initially, the proposal sent by the government, in April, had 25 articles. The objective was to extend the emergency program to cut working hours and wages for private sector workers, which was created because of the Covid-19 crisis.

This took place through a provisional measure. The version approved by Congress has almost 100 articles and creates three new labor programs, defended by Minister of the Economy Paulo Guedes and Onyx Lorenzoni (Labor and Social Security). It will allow for the work-short program to be activated in situations of calamity.

The opposition tried to kill some of the text during the highlights vote, but failed. The labor package also provides for changes in the CLT rules that deal with labor inspection, restricting access to free courts in labor matters and also altering the complementary working hours of some professions.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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