Chamber President Proposes that Sales Should Be Levied on the Fuel Average of The Last Two Years to Reduce Gasoline

No consensus, vote is due next Wednesday; opposition says it will not obstruct, but denies commitment to the project's merits

Chamber President Arthur Lira (PP-AL) proposed to grassroots and opposition parties an agreement under which the ICMS (state tax) would be levied on the average price of fuel over the past two years to reduce the value of gasoline. The president of the Chamber set as one of his priorities to reduce fuel prices, amid attacks on price transfers practiced by Petrobras and criticism of the states for not wanting to reduce their ICMS rates.

Lira met on Monday night (4) with base leaders to negotiate a text.

ICMS is calculated based on a reference price, known as PMPF (weighted average price to the final consumer), revised every 15 days according to a price survey at the service stations. On this amount, the rates of each fuel are applied. At the meeting, Lira proposed a change in the calculation that would consider the fuel average over the past two years. Each state would then apply its ICMS rate on this average price.​

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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