'Apology Is Not Enough', The Public Prosecutor's Office Addresses the Historical Responsibility of Banco do Brasil During the Era of Slavery

The bank's president apologized to the Black community on November 18 in response to a civil inquiry


The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) stated last Friday (1st) that the apology made by Banco do Brasil for its role in slavery is not enough for historical reparation and, although it values the initiative, it cannot be the only measure.

The position is outlined in a dispatch signed by the regional prosecutors for citizens' rights, Julio José Araujo Junior, Jaime Mitropoulos, and Aline Mancino da Luz Caixeta, who are analyzing the developments of the civil inquiry to investigate the link between BB and the trafficking of enslaved Black people in the 19th century.

Banco do Brasil - Getty Images

On November 18, the president of Banco do Brasil, Tarciana Medeiros, apologized to the Black community for the institution's role during slavery.

The statement was made through a note in response to the MPF. "Directly or indirectly, all of Brazilian society should apologize to the Black community for some type of participation in that sad moment in history. In this context, today's Banco do Brasil apologizes to the Black community for its predecessor versions and works intensely to confront structural racism in the country," said Tarciana, who is the first Black woman to lead the institution.

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