São Paulo Turns Downtown Highway Into Elevated Park

The first section will be half a mile long and is expected to be ready in late 2020

São Paulo
Elevated Highway João Goulart, in downtown São Paulo, will be turned into a park - Marcelo D. Sants/FramePhoto/Folhapress

The São Paulo mayor's office announced it is going to shut down elevated highway Presidente João Goulart (known by the nickname Minhocã, "Big Worm") and turn it into an elevated park.

Construction work should start after the summer. It will be done in several stages, to improve accessibility and security and later, landscaping.

The estimated cost will be R$ 38 million (US$ 10 million), and the city says work will be completed by late 2020. 

The park section will be roughly half a mile long, going from Praça Roosevelt to Largo do Arouche, with around 190,000 square feet of gardens, flowerbeds, and boardwalks.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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