Group Shoots Tear Gas at Palestinian Restaurant in São Paulo

Al Janiah hires Arab refugees and promotes events to spread Palestinian culture

São Paulo

A group of five people shot tear gas and pepper spray at a Palestinian restaurant in São Paulo at dawn on Sunday (1).

The act of violence happened at Al Janiah, a bar, and restaurant where Arab refugees who live in the capital of São Paulo promote Palestinian culture and work.

Security camera video - Reprodução

Security camera video shows the moment of the attack. The tape shows people at the door of the restaurant when three men enter. One of them, wearing a cap and T-shirt with the flag of the state of Sao Paulo, takes an object from his back pocket, tosses it inside the restaurant, and slams the door.

People in the front left, and one person launches spray into the air.

Someone opens the door from the inside, and the three men seem to be trying to keep people from leaving the restaurant. Smoke is coming from inside the place. One of the men shoots tear gas, and the group leaves. Only then can people get out of the restaurant. The recording shows a man carrying a chair like a shield.

The restaurant said a group of five people, committed the act and then fled in the aftermath. No one was hurt.

Military Police said they were not called to the scene. The administration of the restaurant said that the police did not respond to calls.

Despite the attack, the restaurant did not suspend programming for this week.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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