Court Prohibits Muralist from Painting São Paulo Building

Artist was detained for initiating work without the permission of property owner

A court order has prohibited muralist Kléber Pagú from painting a downtown São Paulo building in his Urban Aquarium project. The property’s owner refused to allow the cultural producer to include the building in the project, whose goal is to paint15 buildings. 

Since Kléber Pagú began the project in 2017, the cultural producer has sought to obtain permission from the Renata Sampaio Ferreira building on Araújo Street, managed by Dias Fernandes Administração e Participações. Last week he decided to prepare and start painting anyway.

Aquario Urbano project, in São Paulo (Foto: Eduardo Knapp/Folhapress, COTIDIANO). - Folhapress

Pagú placed a forklift in the parking lot adjacent to the building, and the wall was first prepared to receive the painting, and the next day, the graffiti began to take shape. The police were called and took Pagú to the police station.

On Thursday (21), finally, the court ordered the painting to be suspended and set a fine of R$ 50,000 per day if Pagú resumes.

The ruling also forces the producer, within ten days, to repaint the building's wall as it was before under penalty of R$ 5,000 daily in case of delay.

Sought, Dias Fernandes Administração e Participações did not respond to requests from Folha.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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