São Paulo Government Says Social Distancing Is Working

SP governor also said that police officers could approach the elderly on street to recommend that they go home

The João Doria government (PSDB) said on Thursday (26) that the isolation measures adopted so far have already managed to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in the state of São Paulo.

Some European countries have taken stricter measures, such as a ban on people taking to the streets for no apparent reason, like buying groceries. The Doria government emphasized the effectiveness of the actions implemented, such as closing non-essential services.

Doria began to gradually roll out recommendations and measures to restrict circulation this week. Currently, non-essential establishments, including shops, bars, and restaurants, are prohibited from opening to the public.

"What I would like to note if you remember well we were practically 90% of the cases in Brazil; now, we are 30% of the cases, which means that there is accelerating expansion of the epidemic", said the State Secretary for Health, José Henrique Germann. "What shows us in this scenario that the mobility restriction measures are being sufficient or at least collaborating effectively so that we have 862 cases [out of a total of 2,433 in the country]".

On the other hand, the number of severe cases, of patients in the ICU, increased by 42% in one day, to 84.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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