Reopening of Schools Leaves Teachers Unsure of Coronavirus

Schools say fear is natural and offer emotional support

São Paulo

With private schools reopening on Wednesday (7), teachers report insecurity with the partial return. Fear of contamination, the difficulty for students to comply with the hygiene protocol, and uncertainty about the type of activities that can be developed concern teachers.

The school administrations admit that there is a feeling of uncertainty among educators, but affirm that the feeling is natural because it is an unprecedented situation. In addition to courses to guide teams on the new rules, some schools are offering emotional support to teachers.

"At the moment when they were adapting to distance classes, we will once again face the new with this partial reopening. Naturally, teachers feel insecure, in doubt," says Giselle Magnossão, pedagogical director of the Albert Sabin school, in the west of the capital.

"They have a great sense of responsibility for the well-being of students, so there is this anguish."

The school has been promoting talks with educators and psychologists to share the fears and anxieties about the return. According to Magnossão, the biggest concern reported is how to create a safe and welcoming environment for children with so many new rules.

Mayor Bruno Covas (PSDB) authorized the reopening of schools in the city as of this Wednesday. For the private network, the only limit imposed is that they serve only 20% of children at a time. There is no restriction on days and times for students to attend the units.

However, the fear caused many to choose to offer activities at restricted times or only for some grades. Some schools decided to receive students only once a week (option, for example, from the Stance Dual school, in Bela Vista) or only twice a month (decision by Gracinha school, in Itaim Bibi).

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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