Only 1 in 10 Students from Private Schools in São Paulo Is Black

In the city's wealthiest districts, inequality in access to private schools is even greater

Only one in ten students from private schools in the city of São Paulo is black.

The imbalance occurs even in districts where the share of black and brown students is high. In Itaim Paulista, for example, black children and youth account for 49% of students, but only 24% of students in local private institutions.

The calculations were made by Folha based on the 2019 School Census and consider only information from students whose skin color was informed by educational institutions. The same excluded private establishments contracted by the government.

In this section, 35.7% of students in São Paulo are black. But the distribution of students by type of school is far from mirroring the city's racial makeup.

In wealthier districts, inequality in access to private educational institutions is particularly striking.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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