In The Crazy Years at Maksoud Plaza, Axl Rose Threw a Chair at Journalists

The rocker tried to target reporters in 1992 at the famous hotel that has now closed

São Paulo

Of all the great international stars who stayed at Maksoud Plaza, lead singer Axl Rose, from the band Guns N'Roses, was the one who caused the most trouble.

At 2:30 am on December 9, 1992, he emerged from the hotel's first-floor ballroom, snatched up a metal chair, and hurled it into the lobby ten meters below at the journalists who were irritating him.

At the show the following night, Axl told the audience, through an interpreter, that he had "some problems here."

"The press likes to fuck people up and then they say 'it's my job.' I threw a chair at them and then signed a document saying it was an accident so I could sing for you."

This is different from the first major international attraction to stay at Maksoud Plaza. In 1981, Frank Sinatra stayed there with his wife, in one of the four presidential suites.

On the occasion, Henry Maksoud, owner of the famous hotel that closed this Tuesday (7) after 42 years, refused to say whether he had made a profit or loss with the hiring of Sinatra. "Although it was at a loss, the objective was to promote the hotel."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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