Grilled Meat, Cold Draft Beer, Live Country Music and Rifles

Gun store open has rifles ready for delivery in São Paulo

São Paulo

I received an invitation via WhatsApp to a party at the Mahrte weapons store, in Chácara Klabin (south of São Paulo), this Saturday (14th).

The message also announced grilled meat, cold draft beer and live music, with a country music duo.

At 1 pm, the main attraction: ready-to-delivery rifles. They were the mysterious Fire Eagle, objects of much rumor among trigger people lately.

Cerca de dez armas penduradas na parede
Gun store open has rifles ready for delivery in SP - Ivan Finotti/Folhapress

The promotional launch price is R$ 19,900, divided into ten installments on the card, no matter which of the two models.

But to leave there with one of them there is a condition: you must have a CAC registration, that is, be a collector, sports shooter or hunter.

The sale of rifles to the population was prohibited in Brazil before President Jair Bolsonaro. "Everyone has to buy a rifle, man. Armed people will never be enslaved," he said last August.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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