Civil Guard Uses Knee to Immobilize Man Near Cracolândia

Judge decided to release suspect after seeing signs of irregularity in the operation

A metropolitan civil guard was caught using his knee to immobilize a suspect of drug trafficking during an approach on Ana Cintra Street, in Santa Cecília, in the central region of São Paulo. The event took place a few meters from the Cracolândia on Helvétia Street.

In the scene, recorded this Monday afternoon (30), another GCM steps on and rests his knee on one of the 56-year-old's legs. In total, five guards were involved in the action.

SAO PAULO, SP - 05/2022 - Civil Guard uses knee to immobilize man near Cracolândia in SP (Foto: Reprodução) - Reprodução

In the same region, on Saturday (28), a woman had been assaulted in the stream on Helvétia Street.

The Municipality of SP removed from the operational service three guards who acted in the approach and said that the General Corregedoria of the GCM opened an inquiry to investigate the case.

"The man had his knee on his neck and could have died of suffocation, as in the George Floyd episode in the United States. In addition, his arms and legs were twisted," said lawyer Ariel de Castro Alves, a specialist in human rights and security. and president of the Tortura Não Mais Group.

Judge Gabriela Marques da Silva Bertoli ordered the suspect's release due to lack of evidence. In her order, she stated that she had observed signs of irregularity in the action.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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