São Paulo Gets The Biggest Ferris Wheel in Latin America

Named Roda Rico, the attraction allows the choice of music during the ride, but is not good for photos

São Paulo

After months of delay and a name change, the public of São Paulo is finally able to experience the biggest Ferris wheel in Latin America. Roda Rico, as it was baptized, has been open for visitation since the 9th at Parque Cândido Portinari, in the western region of São Paulo.

SÃO PAULO, SP, 09.12.2022: Roda Rico has been open for visitation since the 9th at Parque Cândido Portinari. (Foto: Gabriel Cabra/ Folhapress) - Folhapress

At 91 meters high, the attraction is located near the banks of the Pinheiros River. During the ride, which lasts about half an hour, you can see the waterfront, the sea of buildings that dominate the scenery of the capital of São Paulo, and even the peak of Jaraguá.

Anyone hoping to take advantage of the tour to take good pictures to fuel social media may be disappointed. That's because the cabins are made up of curved surfaces, which can get in the way when photographing the scenery.

The cabins offer some tools for the visitor to boost the tour, such as choosing the songs for the soundtrack, in addition to being able to change the colors of the lighting of the place.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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