Mãe de Santo Points out Intolerance in Demolition of Terreiro in São Paulo

City Hall of Carapicuíba says that the property was at risk of collapse and was on land required for the construction of a stream

São Paulo

The Mãe de Santo in Carapicuíba, Greater São Paulo, Odcidarewa Mãe Zana Yalorixa has been without a place to live since her 200 m² terreiro ( a yard used as a temple where Candomblé ceremonies and celebrations are conducted) was demolished in December last year. Today, she takes turns staying with friends and relatives and struggles to find another property for the practice of her religious activity.

CARAPICUÍBA / SÃO PAULO / BRASIL - 18 /05/23 - :00h - Mãe Zana points out lack of dialogue and intolerance in the demolition of a terreiro in Greater SP ( Foto: Karime Xavier / Folhapress) . - Folhapress

The action was determined by the city hall, which claimed that the property was at risk of collapse due to soil instability and structural problems. Work is underway on the site for the construction of a stream to help control floods.

Zana associates the demolition with religious intolerance and says that there was a lack of dialogue with the City Hall of Carapicuíba. Work began in mid-2007 and last year reached a section very close to her terreiro.

The city hall offered Zana social rent of R$500, in addition to a letter of credit so that the terreiro's activities could continue in another location, "however, she did not present the documents in order to be rewarded", according to the management.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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