Federal Government will Defend Lockdown for Cities with Higher Transmission of Coronavirus

According to Minister Nelson Teich, a social isolation plan will bring regionalized guidelines


Minister Nelson Teich (Health) admitted on Wednesday (6) that the federal government recommends the so-called "lockdown" (radical confinement) for cities that are facing a more severe transmission of the coronavirus and said that the ministry's plan for social isolation would bring regionalized guidelines.

"The important thing is to state that when we talk about isolation and distance, there are several levels. It is important that we understand that there is no defense of isolation or non-isolation. There will always be simple measures until the lockdown. What is important is that each place will have its needs", declared the minister during a press conference at the Planalto Palace.

Minister Nelson Teich. Credit: Twitter - Ministério da Saúde no Twitter

According to the minister, the ministry is analyzing lockdown guidelines. They should be made public at the appropriate time, through coordination with health authorities with states and municipalities.

"There will be a place where we will recommend the lockdown, and there will be a situation that allows something to be tried," he added, stating that, in places where there is less incidence of Covid-19, flexibility actions will be proposed.

He cited examples in other countries, where workers who continue to go to their jobs undergo temperature and oxygenation tests before starting work hours.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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